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Rewriting the Site in Franklin.jl

I am a big fan of the Julia language and enjoy contributing to and making use of its growing ecosystem. I originally wrote this site using Hugo (actually, I probably did it in something else first, this is the nth iteration), but there were things that I wanted to do that were difficult and the writing/deployment process was hard to remember if I took even a short break.

I decided recently to switch to Franklin.jl, a nice static-site generator written in Julia. I was initially on the fence as it is not as popular as other static-site generators, so I could not be sure of its longevity. I decided to just go for it when an issue that I posted about was solved[1].

I particularly enjoy the flexibility granted by it allowing arbitrary Julia code to be defined and executed during the generation process[2]. I have some features I wish to add to my site (in particular, I wish to have quick and easy markdown file transclusion, which is not supported in vanilla markdown or by many of the major static-site generators) and I find this should be possible using Franklin.