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  • (2024-02) My paper, Two Counterexamples to Tokenization and the Noiseless Channel, was accepted at LREC-COLING 2024. The preprint is here and the camera-ready version and code will be available soon.

  • (2023-07) I presented LotteryTickets.jl: Sparsify Your Flux Models at JuliaCon2023. The recording is here, and the slides and repo are here.

  • (2023-05) I presented Parameter-Efficient Korean Character-Level Language Modeling at EACL2023. The paper can be found here.

  • (2022-11) I've joined Mastodon on the instance, which is focused on the ML/AI research community. My profile is

  • (2022-04) I've moved to Tokyo to join the Okazaki Lab for my PhD. I'll continue working part time at Google Tokyo.

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about me

I am currently a PhD student in NLP in the Okazaki Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a PhD Student researcher at Google Tokyo on the Gboard team. Prior to this, I was a software engineer at Google, also on Gboard. I did my MS in Computer Science at Yonsei University and my BS in Discrete Mathematics with a minor in Korean at Georgia Tech.

I am always open to chatting about interesting topics. Please feel free to send me an email ([lastname].[firstname]

I am (not exhaustively) interested in:

  • Automata Theory

  • Scientific Computing

  • Languages (especially Korean and Esperanto)

  • Combinatorics

  • Open Source Software

  • High School Level Computer Science Education


저는 도쿄공업대학(Tokyo Institute of Technology)의 Okazaki 연구실의 박사하정 학생하고 구글 지보드(Gboard)팀의 개발자 마르코입니다. 조지아텍에서 이산수학을 전공, 한국어를 부전공하였고 이후에 연세대학교의 계산이론 연구실에서 컴퓨터 과학 석사학위를 수료하였습니다.

흥미로운 주제가 있다면, 언제든 누구와도 이야기 나누고 싶습니다. 이메일로 연락해주세요 ([성].[이름]

제가 특히 좋아하는 주제들은 다음과 같습니다:

  • 오토마타 이론

  • 수치해석학

  • 언어 (특히 한국어하고 에스페란토)

  • 조합론

  • 오픈소스 소프트웨어

  • 고등학교 수준의 컴퓨터과학교육

모든 게시물은 주로 영어를 사용해서 쓰고 있지만, 한국어를 연습하기 위해서 가끔 한글 게시물을 작성하거나 영어 게시물들을 한국어로 번역해서 올리고 있습니다.